Less than seven days after Storm Ciara hit the West Country, we have another named storm on the way this weekend. Storm Dennis is currently developing off the northeast coast of the USA underneath a strong jet stream.

It'll reach the UK early on Saturday morning with winds steadily strengthening and persistent, prolonged and heavy rain arriving mid-morning. Winds aren't expected to be quite as strong as Storm Ciara, but they'll still gust to 70 mph around coasts and across hilltops.

The prolonged rain is of more concern, with 20 - 40 mm likely widely, but 50 - 80 mm across high ground. A targeted Amber Met Office rain warning is in force across Dartmoor and down to Torbay with rainfall here expected to be between 120 and 140 mm by the end of Sunday - that's nearly 6 inches and way more than the average monthly rainfall for February (98.4 mm).

Storm Dennis will last throughout the weekend

With three warnings for the West Country alone, the warnings are quite busy so here's a breakdown of the latest concerns from the Met Office.

Valid 10am Saturday until noon on Sunday
Valid noon on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday
Valid noon on Saturday until 3pm on Sunday

With this sort of severe weather, and following soon after last week's storm, there will likely be some structural damage from the wind with tiles loosened and trees down. The rainfall will bring flooding as plenty of rivers and fields are already full of water.

Be prepared to change your plans this weekend as there will also be disruption to travel on roads, at airports, ferries and bridges.