1. ITV Report

UK weather forecast: Storm Dennis will bring strong winds and heavy, prolonged rain across the West Country this weekend

There will be some respite today but Storm Dennis will move in tomorrow morning and last through the weekend. There will be strong gusts of 50-60 mph, and 70 mph around coasts, but the rain is likely to cause more impacts.

Dennis is a very deep and energetic weather system that will last through the weekend. Winds won'd be quite as strong as Storm Ciara but there will be a lot more rainfall, with Met Office warnings in force for both.

There's a bit of rain out there this afternoon and evening which should clear for a time but further heavy showery outbreaks of rain will return during the small hours of Saturday. Winds will pick up too so it won't be cold with temperatures around 8 or 9 degrees.

Winds will strengthen further during Saturday, with persistent, widespread and heavy rain arriving mid-to-late morning and lasting for the rest of the day. Met Office warnings for wind and rain suggest gusts of up to 70 mph around coasts and hills, with 50 mm or so of rain widely. However, a targeted Amber rain warning across Dartmoor and Torbay suggests 120-140 mm of rain could fall by the end of Sunday. That's up to 6 inches...

Sunday then will be another very wet and windy day with Dennis gradually clearing away to the east in the evening. Next week looks more showery with lighter winds and lower temperatures.