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Cornish teenager Shakira Pellow’s cousin sentenced to 12 months for supplying fatal drugs

Shakira Pellow's mother released this picture of her just hours before she died in July 2018 a day after taking MDMA pills.

The cousin of Cornish teenager Shakira Pellow has been sentenced to 12 months in a Young Offenders Institute after supplying her with drugs that resulted in her death.

Oakley Willoughby, 18, was found guilty at Truro Crown Court, where he’ll serve half his sentence before he’s eligible for release.

Oakley Willoughby has been found guilty of supplying MDMA to his cousin Shakira Pellow. Credit: Cornwall Live

Willoughby gave the high-strength MDMA pills - known as Duplo - to his cousin Shakira in July 2018.

She took the drugs at her home in Camborne on the evening of July 6 before collapsing in a nearby park.

The 15-year-old was later taken to hospital, where she died the following day after suffering multiple cardiac arrests and organ failure.

Shakira was given the pills by her cousin Willoughby, who obtained the drugs from his friend Joshua Ward. Credit: Cornwall Live

Her cousin Willoughby and his friend Joshua Ward, both aged 18, were arrested in connection with her death and later charged with supplying Class A drugs.

While on trial at Truro Crown Court, Willoughby had denied supplying the drugs - which the prosecution said he had been given by his friend Ward.

Willoughby argued the first he knew about what had happened was when he found his cousin collapsed in a park.

But following a period of deliberation, a jury convicted Willoughby of supplying the Class A drugs to his cousin.

Ward, who had admitted his role in the incident previously, will be sentenced on March 13.