1. ITV Report

UK weather forecast: A cold and showery start to the week, with wet and windy weather later across the south west

It's another changeable week of weather with a cold, showery start followed by a couple of bands of wind and rain bringing milder air. It doesn't look as stormy as the weekend just gone, however.

The reason for the showery start is thanks to cold west to northwest winds scooping up moisture from the Atlantic, but during Wednesday and Thursday an area of low pressure will bring two bands of rain and strong winds across the West Country.

We still have plenty of scattered, heavy and blustery showers for the rest of today though, some giving hail and thunder. There are also large waves off the north Cornish and Devon coast thanks to the legacy of Storm Dennis. Showers will ease overnight though, as will the winds, and by dawn it looks drier with temperatures dropping to low single figures.

Mostly dry first thing on Tuesday but showers will soon move back in giving a very similar day to today. Temperatures will still make it to around 10 degrees but it'll feel colder. Then during the late afternoon/early evening a narrow band of intense rain and gales will move through, perhaps giving hail and thunder, before returning back to a few showers.

Wednesday and Thursday will be wet days as this area of low pressure moves through. It doesn't look stormy, more run-of-the-mill wind and rain, and Friday currently looks mostly dry thankfully...