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Newlyn Chinese family undergo self-imposed quarantine after trip to China

The Chen family quarantined themselves for two weeks following a trip to China during the coronavirus outbreak. Credit: Cornwall Live

A Chinese family have spoken about their decision to quarantine themselves for two weeks following a trip to China, during the coronavirus outbreak.

Ruili Chen, 36, and Hui Qun lei, 38, from Newlyn in Cornwall also closed their takeaway, China Garden, for a couple of extra weeks.

The China Garden remained closed from January 27 until February 11, with the whole building undergoing a deep clean the day before reopening. Credit: Cornwall Live

The couple stayed home during the two weeks they were in self-imposed quarantine with their five-year-old daughter Christina, after returning from a trip to Hong Kong at the end of January.

Ruili Chen said he believed this was the right thing to do to protect his family and customers because of fears over contracting coronavirus.

Lots of people are being affected over there. It’s not very good so it was better for the customers to close. Our customers have been very good.

– Ruili Chen
Ruili Chen with his daughter Christina Credit: Cornwall Live

Ruili Chen and his family were tested before travelling making it less likely for them to carry the virus home.

But he wanted to be sure that if they had the virus, they wouldn’t pass it onto any of their customers.

He also added that fortunately his family and friends living in China are safe and healthy.

  • A statement posted to the family's takeaway window announcing the closure last month said:

"We have returned from Hong Kong on January 27th and we are fine now and healthy. However for the sake of public health and safety, we decided to continue to separate ourselves from public and stay at home for another two weeks.

"The shop will reopen on 11th February. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Looking forward to seeing you soon and thank you for the cooperation."