1. ITV Report

UK weather forecast: There will be more wet and breezy weather for the West Country over the coming few days

There is more rain to come for the rest of today and tomorrow but Friday looks mostly dry and the best day of the week. However, winds will stay brisk giving a cool feel.

Today's cloudy and wet weather is thanks to a broad warm front, but tomorrow a more active cold front will bring heavier rain but it won't last all day. This weather system then clears to leave a quieter day on Friday.

The rest of today will stay cloudy with further spells of mostly light rain. A few cloud breaks may open up overnight but with winds staying brisk it will be mild. Temperatures will only drop to 7 or 8 degrees.

Our next band of rain will sweep through tomorrow morning, bringing a shorter-lived but more intense spell of rain and strong winds. Showers will follow through the afternoon with plenty of sunshine but it'll stay windy. Highs of 10 Celsius but feeling cooler in the wind.

Friday will be a dry day with some sunshine around, but a weak weather front will move through during the weekend bringing further spells of rain. Temperatures will stay in double figures at least.