Once the rain clears, the wind will change to a cold northwesterly bringing sunshine and blustery showers this afternoon. It'll stay cold tonight leaving tomorrow the best day of the week with plenty of dry weather.

That's because we're in a gap between weather systems, with high pressure trying to move across southern England. However, more weather fronts will work in during the weekend.

A few more showers will move through this afternoon along with plenty of sunshine, but it'll be cold in those strong northwest winds. Showers will ease during this evening and overnight leaving a mostly dry night with some clear skies and lighter winds. Temperatures will drop close to freezing so it'll be colder than last night, perhaps with a patchy frost.

Despite that cold start, Friday will be the best day of the week with much needed dry skies. There will be a lot of cloud around but the sun will break through. Winds will pick up once again but this time coming in from the southwest, so a much milder direction allowing temperatures to reach double figures.

Saturday won't be quite as dry with a few showers around, but during Sunday and into next week we'll see more persistent areas of rain moving through. Temperatures will stay on the mild side though.