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Teenage Somerset 'Birdgirl' watcher Mya-Rose Craig becomes youngest person in Britain to be awarded honorary doctorate

Mya-Rose Craig is the youngest person to see half of the world's bird species. Credit: ITV News West Country

A Somerset teenager has become the youngest person in Britain to receive an honorary doctorate.

Seventeen-year-old 'Bird Girl' Mya-Rose Craig has set her eyes on half of the world's bird species.

In addition to this, she has pioneered work campaigning for greater diversity in conservation, resulting in her receiving an honorary doctorate from Bristol University.

Working to make the conservation sector more inclusive has been a struggle which is recognised by the university. Credit: ITV News

While her bird spotting talent is notable, its her contribution to tackling a lack of diversity in the conservation industry that has earned her an honorary doctorate.

From public speaking to organising camps in the countryside Mya-Rose fights for equal access to nature. Credit: ITV News
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The work of the teenager has also caught the attention of broadcaster and naturalist Chris Packham. Credit: ITV News West Country

I'm 58-years-old and I need to know when I shuffle off my mortal coil, there are younger people who are not only going to fill my shoes but expand them and do greater things.

She is one of a guild of young people who has found a real focus and is making a real difference. If you can't change people's minds, you can't change the world.

And Mya is changing people's minds.

– Chris Packham, Broadcaster & Naturalist
Mya-Rose's parents also paid tribute to her determination to make a difference. Credit: ITV News West Country

I think the recognition is really important because when you're doing something quite controversial it can become quite tricky, so its really great.

– Helena Craig

You can feel like a lone champion of something, particularly now with social media with the double-edged sword that its, and it can be and has been very challenging for her and us at times.

– Chris Craig