A ginger cat was found tied to a fence with a rope around her neck in addition to other injuries near Bristol.

Evie was found on Saturday [February 22] in Chessel Drive, in South Gloucestershire.

Her owner said she had been called by a local vet on Saturday to say her cat had been found dead by a member of the public.

Chessel Drive in Charlton Hayes, Patchway Credit: Bristol Live

A post-mortem revealed that she died from being hanged, but it was not possible to determine whether her other injuries were from being beaten, or self-inflicted in her desperation to escape.

She trusted humans as she had only ever known kindness in her short life - until the evil, sadistic perpetrators targeted her and so cruelly ended her life.

Pauline Leeson, Holly Hedge Founder

Supporters of Holly Hedge have so far put up £1,000 reward for information leading to the name and/or conviction of the person or people involved.

People living around Charlton Hayes and Patchway areas are being urged to check any home CCTV monitors they have for Friday night into Saturday morning.

And are also being urged to keep a watch out for their pets.

We need your help to find whoever did this atrocity, so please check your home CCTV monitors and if anyone knows or hears anything, please contact Holly Hedge on 01275 474719 or email info@hollyhedge.org.uk. Any information will be in the strictest of confidence.

Pauline Leeson, Holly Hedge Founder

We were called at 11.50am on Saturday 22 February to reports of a suspected act of animal cruelty.

Avon and Somerset police Spokesperson