A much colder day out there with some sunshine but plenty of heavy showers, giving snow across the moors and other hilltops. The brisk northwest wind will make it feel closer to freezing.

That wind will continue to feed showers across the south west for the next couple of days before Atlantic weather systems move in later in the week, eventually bringing milder air.

For the rest of today it'll stay cold and showery with a wintry element to the showers lasting through the night. Winds will stay strong too but temperatures will drop close to freezing. The Met Office has issued an ice warning and there could be some frost by tomorrow morning too.

A slippery start for some on Wednesday then and a continuation of the sunshine and cold, blustery showers. There will likely be snow across high ground again but showers should thin out a lot during the afternoon. Temperatures will be similar, rising to around 8 Celsius, but it will feel closer to freezing again.

A wet start on Thursday as a couple of fronts move through, leaving a few showers for the rest of the day. Wetter on Friday but a lot milder too, followed by a colder, showery and windy start to the weekend.