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Two Bath schools closed amid coronavirus fears

Moorlands Infant and Junior Schools will be closed today amid Coronavirus fears. Credit: Google Maps

Two schools in Bath will be closed today (28 February) amid fears that a member of the local community could have coronavirus.

The acting headteacher of Moorlands Junior and Infant Schools said someone from the school has developed symptoms indicative of the virus.

It comes after they have returned from a 'Category 2 area' within the past two weeks.

He made the announcement late last night that the two schools will be closed today as a precautionary measure.

A letter to parents and carers read:

Please accept my apologies for this necessarily late email, which has come as a result of extended consultation with a number of authorities this evening. Following on from my email on Tuesday about the coronavirus, I need to let you know that a member of the school community who has been to a Category 2 area within the last 14 days has developed some symptoms that could indicate that they have the virus. I should stress that it remains unlikely that they will test positively for the virus, but all Public Health advice has been followed, and as a precaution the person is being tested this evening. I am grateful to this person for having correctly followed all the advice at every stage.

– Warrick Barton, Acting Head of Moorlands Junior and Infant Schools

Despite closing for the day, the head insisted "the risk to the community remains very low" and it's "unlikely that they will test positively for the virus".

Schools have been advised not to close. Credit: Jane Barlow / PA

Public Health England has advised against schools closing, but recommends the cleaning of specific areas while test results for COVID-19 are being waited for.

Mr Barton said: "Given the timing of me receiving the information, it will not be possible to adequately clean a site as large as Moorlands in time for the school to open in the morning."

He went on to apologise to parents and carers and urged they understand the decision "that puts children first."

The schools are expected to reopen on Monday.