Bloodhound car needs £8million ‘in next month’ or risks collapse

Gloucestershire’s Bloodhound supersonic car has just weeks to find more money - or face going under.

The car, which is based at a college in Berkeley, has been built to beat the current 763mph land speed record.

It recently clocked 628mph during a series of time trials in the Kalahari Desert.

But future record attempts have been put on standby after Ian Warhurst, who owns the car, said the project is at risk of being wound up.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Warhurst said more money is needed within the next month or Bloodhound will no longer be financially viable.

We've shown what this car can do and there's been huge support for it.

Mr Warhurst, owner

This is not the first time Bloodhound has stalled because of money issues.

In 2018, the project almost failed because of a lack of investment - before Mr Warhurst stepped in with his own money.

But the businessman said at the time he would only use his cash to take the project through the recent demonstration trials.

It now requires around £8million worth of funding from other individuals or companies to take the project on, according to Mr Warhurst.