Coronavirus: More than 30 cases now confirmed in South West

Public Health England has announced there are now 35 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the South West.

According to the latest figures, there are coronavirus cases in Bristol, Tetbury, Cheltenham, Somerset, Wiltshire, Swindon, Devon, Torbay and Cornwall.

The total number in the UK has now soared to 273 - an increase of 64 and the biggest 24-hour jump yet.

Over 23,500 people have now been tested in the UK.

The couple are stranded alongside 140 other UK nationals. Credit: ITV News West Country

A couple stranded on board a cruise ship say the situation has got 'very real' after 21 people tested positive for coronavirus.

Neil and Victoria Hanlon, from Bridgwater, are onboard the Grand Princess around 20 miles off the coast of California, alongside 140 other UK nationals.

Two patients in the UK who tested positive have died. Credit: PA images

Stockpiling amid self-isolation and lockdown fears has Asda limiting the sale of hand sanitiser to two bottles per person and Tesco limiting dried pasta, UHT milk and anti-bacterial products to five per person.

The figures come as both the Health Secretary and Chancellor vowed the Government will do all it can to mitigate the virus’ impact.

Coronavirus: Everything you need to know