UK weather forecast: A changeable week across the West Country with a wet start, followed by more showery weather later

Another changeable week of weather, after that gorgeous start, with rain for the next couple of days, followed by more showery weather. It won't be a washout though, with Wednesday and Friday offering some drier skies.

A couple of weather fronts are moving across the south west for the next two days bringing the rainfall, but then we have a gap between bands of rain on Wednesday so there will be some respite.

For the rest of today though it's cloudy and wet, with brisk winds giving a pretty miserable commute home. Rain will gradually ease through the night leaving a lot of places dry by dawn. Skies will stay cloudy though, and the brisk wind will keep temperatures from falling much below 10 degrees.

A much milder start tomorrow therefore, and another cloudy day with spells of light rain and strong winds. There will be some gaps opening up in the cloud during the afternoon though. Temperatures will be much higher, at 12 or 13 Celsius widely, but in any prolonged sunshine we could see 14 or 15 degrees. This is most likely across northeast Somerset and downwind of Dartmoor.

Wednesday looks like the driest day of the week, with further outbreaks of rain expected on Thursday. Friday should be mostly dry again but there could be a few showers around. Temperatures will be in double figures, just not as mild as Tuesday.