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Razor blades placed on children's slide sees residents take up street patrols in Truro

A village on the edge of Truro has seen a sudden spike in anti social behaviour with razor blades being placed on children's play equipment and cars set on fire.

Now a group of residents in Threemilestone has started to carry out street patrols to tackle the problem.

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The community is not the kind of place you would associate with vandalism and anti-social behaviour, but since Christmas it has suffered with incidents normally associated with urban areas.

The spike in anti-social behaviour began with cars being burnt out.

An attempt was made to set a house on fire and three cars parked on a housing estate were badly damaged by fire.

But most disturbing was the targeting of play equipment on a children's park next to the primary school.

Lucy Walker, whose daughter goes to the school and uses the park, was alerted by a mother who found razor blades on a slide.

There were razor blades placed in the gaps here so when the child walked up they would obviously cut their fingers. There was razor blades underneath and alongside here and then there were razor blades and needles stuck at the bottom of the slide.

It could have caused catastrophic injuries for a young one.

– Lucy Walker

Bolts had also been loosened on a swing which would have collapsed if a child had got on it.

On one occasion the bolts of the swings were loosened so much a child would have fallen out.

The incidents became so numerous that Lucy and other residents set up street patrols.

Then a public meeting was called by local councillor Dulcie Tudor and attended by the police.

The police are supporting the patrols and offered advice on how to carry them out lawfully.

We usually go out in pairs, walk around the village, coorindate with each other. If we see anything suspicious we report it to the police.

I've been here five years and the most trouble we've had is things like people having their wing mirrors knocked off and that's only been the odd occasion or a small theft from a garden shed that's been left open.

There's never been anything like this since I've been here.

– John Davey, street patroller
Since Christmas the village has seen cars being burnt and the play equipment in the local park tampered with.

And the patrols seem to be working.

There has been an improvement in anti-social behaviour, but the patrols are to remain for the foreseeable future.