Pictures from on board a flight carrying evacuated Britons from a coronavirus-hit cruise ship in the United States have been shared with ITV West Country.

The images were taken by Bridgwater couple Neil and Victoria Hanlon, who were passengers on board the Grand Princess cruise ship.

The vessel was forced to moor off the coast of California for a number of days after 21 people tested positive for Covid-19.

The cordon opposite the Grand Princess cruise ship in the US. Credit: Neil Hanlon

It docked in Oaklands earlier this week, and those on board were placed in quarantine.

The Hanlons and other British passengers were then placed on a flight, which departed San Francisco for Birmingham yesterday.

Images from on board the aircraft showed air stewards in hazmat suits shouting instructions using megaphones, as well as cordoned off parts of the plane that passengers were not permitted to enter.

Passengers on board the plane. Credit: Neil Hanlon
A staff member in a hazmat suit. Credit: Neil Hanlon

After touching down in the UK, passengers were advised to return home and self-isolate for up to two weeks.

The Hanlons described their evacuation flight experience as “terrible”.

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The total number of coronavirus cases in the UK, meanwhile, has increased to 456 after 83 more people tested positive.

There are 44 known cases in the West Country, including 13 in Devon, seven in Torbay and five in Cornwall.

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