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Former Flybe employees struggling to find work as travel companies feel strain of Coronavirus

Some workers described the situation as a bad dream. Credit: ITV News West Country

Former Flybe employees have told ITV News they are struggling to find jobs as more travel companies feel the strain of coronavirus.

Union members gathered at the city's airport for a briefing about redundancy and benefit claims.

Some workers arrived in their Flybe uniforms as a gesture to show the pride in the company they think of as a family. Credit: ITV News West Country

Eight days on from the collapse of the Exeter-based airline, workers face the daunting prospect of having to look for work elsewhere.

Polly Browse is due to give birth to her second child in three weeks.

Polly Browse is searching for work after the collapse of Flybe and is due to give birth to her second child in three weeks. Credit: ITV News West Country

My stress levels are high. Everyone keeps telling me to try and stay calm for the baby and I'm doing my best. But it's not an easy position to be in to say the least.

– Polly Browse
There was plenty of help available for everyone trying to understand back-dated wages, redundancy payments and benefit claims. Credit: ITV News West Country
Paige has already secured job interviews but some have had to be cancelled due to coronavirus. Credit: ITV News West Country

[I feel] a bit broken. [It feels like] someone has ripped my heart out and torn it apart essentially.

– Paige

People buy into their jobs. They really want to work and taking that away is a great shock. They are a south-west family.

They all know each other very well and we hope that there is a good future ahead of them but for now there are some real worries and we are going to help them through that process.

– Tim Morris, Unite regional officer