Falmouth woman goes global with postcards offering to help people self-isolating amid coronavirus outbreak

A woman from Cornwall has received global support after choosing a unique way of helping those who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Becky Wass, 32, from Falmouth wanted to do something about the spread of the virus and help those who may be lonely when in self isolation.

She has now started making postcards to send to all of her neighbours in the town - and the idea has made waves across the world.

People are using the hashtag #viralkindness to spread Becky's neighbourly message as far as possible - and she has described the response as "incredibly heart-warming".

The postcards give people the chance to ask for things they need from the outside world.

Becky, who is an associate lecturer in creative advertising at Falmouth University, said she felt 'helpless' by the news of Covid-19.

Her postcards allow people to leave their name, address and anything they need - such as shopping, a friendly phone call or urgent medical supplies.

Becky said people as far away as Australia are now starting to copy her idea, with someone from Perth sending her a friend request on Facebook wanting to copy the idea.

In an interview with Cornwall Live she said: "I was talking to my husband John about how the news was quite hard-hitting and there wasn't much we could actually do to make a positive difference."

She continued: "If just one person feels less lonely or isolated when faced with this pandemic, then I'll feel better about it."

Becky and her husband are posting the cards around Falmouth this weekend.

Becky said the cards warn people to wash their hands regularly and avoid physical contact as much as possible.

She said it's a "contact-free" way to help people, where requests are made over the phone and items left on doorsteps.

Becky's idea has also made an impact closer to home, as well as abroad.

St Austell Printing Company in Cornwall will begin printing free postcards tomorrow [March 17] with people free to take as many as they like.