Pensioner’s beehives destroyed in suspected arson attack

A bee colony that was more than 20 years in the making have been destroyed by vandals in a suspected arson attack in Wiltshire.

Ron Hoskins’ beehives were torched along with his shed and greenhouse at Stanton Fitzwarren by Highworth, near Swindon, earlier this week.

The 89-year-old had spent the last 20 years researching and selectively breeding his bees to cope with Varroa Mite, a parasite which kills millions of bees worldwide.

Ron's greenhouse and shed were also damaged. Credit: Dave Hoskins

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was done to Ron’s beekeeping setup, which included generators, microscopy equipment and specialist beekeeping suits.

A number of his beehives were also vandalised or tipped over during the attack.

Posting on social media, Ron’s son Dave said his father was “devastated”.

The chances are these people would probably have smelt of smoke and got stung by the bees. My poor old dad is absolutely devastated. Any information would be much appreciated.

Dave Hoskins, posting on Facebook