Spring is here and I need your help!

Today is the Spring Equinox, the sun is shining and we're finally faced with a dry weekend - a rare thing so far this year!

The equinox is a specific time around the 20 or 21 March when the sun is directly above the equator giving the northern and southern hemisphere roughly equal lengths of day and night. That time was 3.49am this morning, and from here on in our days will get longer and our evenings will draw out.

This would normally mean I'd be out across the region drinking in those views and sights that make the West Country worth celebrating. However, like many of you I won't be able to do that for the next few weeks and months and will instead be largely studio based.

Spring lambs in Launceston Credit: Mervyn Brown

This is where I need your help. As I won't be able to visit your best places from Gloucestershire to the Isles of Scilly I'd love you to send me your views, your favourite things, the little bits that are bringing you joy at the moment. It could be the view from your bedroom, what's coming to life in your garden or what wildlife you've seen.

Godrevy Gorse Credit: Nichola Peters
Daffodils on Exmoor Credit: @PeriwinkleCott1

Even though we can't do as much with the people we love right now we can still get some fresh air and notice things that are going on around us, no matter how close they are.

I've set myself a challenge to get out each day to find some natural colour and beauty and I'd love to see what you can find to bring those little boosts.

Double rainbow over Watchet Credit: Liz Elmont

You can email your photos to westcountryweather@itv.com, tweet me @ITVCharlieP, tag #westcountryweather on instagram or leave them on the West Country facebook page. I'll share as many as I can over the coming weeks and still get around the south west, even if it is virtually!