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The Cornish pub fighting coronavirus by spreading kindness through takeaway food

A pub in Cornwall is responding to the coronavirus crisis by setting up a takeaway food service - and using some of the proceeds to fund a new village food bank.

The owners of the Who'd Have Thought It in St Dominick started offering home deliveries as the pandemic set in, and now one pound from every order goes to a new makeshift food bank offering vital supplies.

On Friday Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all cafes, pubs and restaurants must close, but are still allowed to offer takeaway food.

Tracey Fleming says the pub is an important part of village life. Credit: ITV News

We are here to make sure people have a great time when they eat and drink with us, but it's also about doing the best for our community and creating some sort of optimism in such a difficult time.

The takeaways was an initiative by which we were able to continue trading and to serve food to local people.

We wanted to create a situation which is better for our village and to make sure everybody has the opportunity to put food on the table, which given the economic circumstances may be tricky for some.

– Tracey Fleming, owner of Who'd Have Thought It Inn
The pub is offering home food deliveries. Credit: ITV News
The pub is still open - but people are being encouraged not to gather in large groups. Credit: ITV News

Social isolation measures will need to be in place for most of a year at least in order to control the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, according to experts' advice to the Government.

Scientists also advised ministers that, while the severity of measures could alternate during the period, the "stricter" measures would need to be enforced for at least half of the year.

The Government published the advice on Friday - a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he expects the tide to be turned in the fight against Covid-19 within 12 weeks.

The Government is urging people to avoid busy public spaces. Credit: ITV News