Community helps self-isolating Bristol girl celebrate her 5th birthday

A little girl from Bristol was able to celebrate her 5th birthday thanks to the heartwarming efforts of her community, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Erin Botibol turned 5 years old on Saturday (21 March) and is self-isolating with her family because she has a cough.

After her mum, Kerryanne, was forced to cancel her daughter's birthday party, she took to social media to ask for the help of the local community.

Erin was able to celebrate her 5th birthday despite the pandemic. Credit: Kerryanne Botibol / Facebook


Kerryanne posted in the recently launched Facebook group, Bristol Community Care - Covid-19 Mutual Aid and appealed for people to send birthday cards to "put a smile" on Erin's face.

She said: "It's my daughter's birthday on Saturday 21st...she doesn't really understand why we are stuck at home, and she's devastated that she won't be having a party or seeing her friends.

"I just want her to feel special on her birthday. If anybody would like to send her a birthday card, that would be immense. It would really put a smile on her face and make it feel like a special day."

Cards were posted from all over the country for 5-year-old Erin. Credit: Kerryanne Botibol / Facebook

It's safe to say Kerryanne was overwhelmed by the response she had - from people in Bristol - and as far away as Scotland.

She posted a massive thank you to the people on social media who made Erin's birthday one to remember.