Four and five-year-olds at St Teresa's School in Bristol have created a sign to thank NHS staff at their local hospital for their work during the coronavirus outbreak.

All UK schools have been closed because of the disease, except for the children of key workers. Those in Year One at St Teresa's wanted to show their appreciation of staff at Southmead Hospital.

The children took advantage of a sunny day to paint their giant sign outside. Credit: St Teresa's School

The children painted a huge sign to hang outside Southmead Hospital to greet staff arriving for work.

The children and I wanted to do something for all the staff working in our local hospitals. We came up with the idea of painting them a sign to thank them and thought if we put it up in the hospital entrance it would make them smile on their way into work.

Susannah Winterburn, Class teacher
The school hopes the sign will put a smile on the faces of staff at Southmead Hospital. Credit: St Teresa's School

The sign has gone up at Southmead Hospital. One of the four-year-olds was very proud of her part in it. Orla's mother is one of the key workers they wanted to thank.

I loved painting the letters in rainbow colours and the red heart. I hope my mum sees it because she is a doctor today.

Orla, St Teresa's School pupil