Nine-year-old girl makes Mother's Day cards for residents at Bristol care home

The residents of a care home in Bristol were guaranteed to receive acard on Mother's Day - after a girl who lives around the corner spenttwo days making them one each.

After seeing all the news about coronavirus, and realising thatthe residents of the Avon Valley care home that backs onto her housein Kingswood would be worried and kept in, Sunny Rowe decided to dosomething nice.

The nine-year-old used her spare time from her final lessons at KingsOak Academy to make home-made cards for them all - each one with adifferent picture on the front, and the same smiley message inside.

The cards all read: "Stay safe, be happy, love Sunny”.

After Sunny came up with the initial idea she started making them one night. By the following afternoon she'd completed 60 individual cards.

She took them round in a little basket and delivered them.

Sunny called the care home herself to ask how many cards she needed to make. Credit: Bristol Post
Credit: Bristol Post