Doctor from Tetbury separates herself from her family for 12 weeks to protect her daughter

A doctor from Tetbury has made the decision to separate herself from her family for 12 weeks because her daughter has cystic fibrosis.

Angela Gregory feels she can't take the risk of potentially exposing her daughter Ophelia to Covid-19 because she works in a hospital.

She is urging others to consider every move they make.

Credit: ITV West Country


Angela says it "only makes sense that we're doing everything that we can" to protect Ophelia.

Ophelia will spend the next three months with her father and grandparents in Bournemouth.

Angela writes a daily letter to Ophelia but says the change is still a challenge.

Angela writes a letter to Ophelia every day. Credit: ITV West Country

On Monday night, Boris Johnson announced a lockdown of the UK for the next three weeks to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The order to stay at home has limited exceptions for when people can leave their home, such as to buy food and other necessities, for essential work, and to exercise once a day.

Police will be given powers to break up public gatherings and even fine those who do not comply.