The Long Ashton shop owner delivering supplies to customers during coronavirus pandemic

Trying to keep up with David Andrews on his morning rounds is hard work.

He packs up bags of essential supplies which includes milk, eggs, bread and painkillers and delivers them to dozens of people in the village of Long Ashton who are self-isolating.

He's got ten deliveries to make before rushing back to the Post Office where the rest of his staff are already overwhelmed with queues out of the door.

David's first stop of the day is two minutes down the road. Jeff has a heart condition and relies on people like David for fresh food.

Jeff said: "It's lovely getting the deliveries. It's not just the isolation now it's the thoughts that this could be a long isolation. How am I going to cope? I just want a hug!"

Jeff lives on his own. David might be the only face to face contact he gets all day.

Before we can catch our breath, David is onto the next delivery. Ever conscious of making sure everyone gets what they need. We arrive at Joan's house. Her husband is disabled so she is nervous about leaving the house.

Joan Randall is full of praise for David's delivery service Credit: ITV West Country

David has been running the Long Ashton Post Office for more than a decade.

He's also transformed it into a local food shop filled with local produce.

It's a lifeline for those who want to avoid the crowds of a big supermarket - but he admits he's never worked so hard.

"I'm tired but I'm alright. It's been super busy doing 16-17 hour days but needs must! The whole community has pulled together and we're just trying to do our bit!" said David.

On his final stop of the day, we bump into Ruth who's due to turn 89 next month.

She shouts out to David: "You're dearly loved by the whole of Long Ashton!"

There's no doubt the whole village thinks the same.