Zookeepers in Cornwall move into wildlife sanctuary for 12 weeks

Zookeepers at a wildlife sanctuary in Cornwall have moved into the grounds to live in self-isolation for three months so that they can look after the animals.

Four staff members at Paradise Park in Hayle decided to move away from their families so they could care for the animals safely.

The family-run business which opened its doors in 1973 has a house on site which will be used to home Sarah-Jane, Izzy, Rachel and Emily - all keepers at the wildlife park.

The park officially closed to the public last week. Credit: Paradise Park

There are nearly 1,200 birds and mammals to look after, including penguins, parrots and flamingos.

The park closed its doors to the public last weekend following the guidance from the government.

It is not known when they will reopen.

With the exception of Christmas Day and a few snow days, this is the first time they have closed to the public.

Keeper Izzy with her supplies. Credit: Paradise Park

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help pay to feed the animals and go towards vet bills.

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