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Support for NHS staff as resident living next to Southmead Hospital offers their driveway for free parking

The sign was left for NHS workers so they could park without having to pay. Credit: Bristol Live

A kind-hearted Bristol resident who lives near Southmead Hospital has offered their driveway for NHS workers to park.

The offer comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed more than 400,000 people have volunteered during the last 24 hours to help the vulnerable.

The road is right next to Southmead Hospital where parking can be difficult. Credit: Bristol Live

Gary Millard, 56, who lives on the same road, said his 'faith in humanity' was restored when a note was left on the road offering the space to NHS staff.

When returning to my car this afternoon, another resident close by had put a sign up inviting NHS staff to park in their driveway.

That reaffirmed my faith in human nature.

– Gary Millard

Tomorrow (Thursday 26 March) people across the UK have also been asked to take part in a huge round of applause for NHS workers to show their thanks and support.