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Cornish cider company makes urgently needed hand sanitiser for Royal Cornwall Hospital - and it's completely free

The Cornish company is now making hand sanitiser for Treliske Hospital. Credit: Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm / PA

A Cornish cider company is helping a local hospital combat the spread of coronavirus by producing urgently needed hand sanitiser for free.

Healeys Cornish Cider Farm, based at Penhallow near Truro, was asked by the Royal Cornwall Hospital to help make essential hand sanitiser to help them in the fight against Covid-19.

The company is now providing 100 litres a week to the hospital in Treliske and is doing it completely free of charge.

The team posted this video on Facebook:

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It’s completely unprecedented times for everyone in Cornwall, the county and world, we’ve been particularly hit as a cider manufacturer principally with a tourist attraction so the whole on site tourism is now closed, obviously a lot of our volume usually goes to pubs.

We’ve recently launched a new gin which has gone exceptionally well but no-one is now selling it - however that does mean we have a distillery on-site which means we can take our cider and create alcohol. We were talking about it last week, then the Royal Cornwall Hospital approached us and asked if we could make them an alcohol hand rub...It’s a WHO recipe which they approved last Friday and we delivered our first batch this morning. We’re doing 100 litres a week to Treliske hospital free of charge whilst this crisis continues...

– Joe Healey, Healeys Cornish Cider Farm

The government has issued advice to companies wanting to help make sanitisers during the pandemic.

People working at Healeys are following recipes in accordance with the World Health Organisation.

The company isn't the only one in the West Country trying to help out during the pandemic. Credit: Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm

We’re doing what we can for Treliske Hospital, we’re hoping to have a little bit of surplus which might be available to purchase but the hospital just contacted us and asked for more. So we’re taking each day by day, it’s amazing to be able to do something to give back, hopefully it won’t last too long but time will tell.

– Joe Healey

Healeys Cornish Cider Farm is just one of many companies across the West Country offering to help those in need.

While the team are working hard to help the hospital combat coronavirus, Joe said the future is "frightening" and "tourism as we know it" is not going to return to normal very quickly once this is all over.