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Bristol woman finds hilarious solution to being separated from her NHS key worker boyfriend during lockdown

Hayley Robbins has made her own version of her boyfriend while they are separated because of coronavirus. Credit: Hayley Robbins

A woman from Coalpit Heath in Bristol has found an ingenious solution to being separated from her boyfriend during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hayley Robbin's partner Luke is a radiographer at the Royal United Hospital. It's a job that puts him at high risk and the pair are having to stay away from each other to stop the spread of Covid-19.

The couple have no idea when they'll be able to see each other again so Hayley decided to keep everyone's spirits high by creating a version of Luke to have around the house. She's been sending the photos to him and their families to give them something to smile about.

As a bit of fun whilst I'm not able to see my partner due to not living together and him being an NHS worker, which highlights the difficult time they are having, I have created my own version of him and have him doing daily stuff with us. It's all in the name of fun.

– Hayley Robbins

The look-a-like - or Luke-a-like - joins in with all the family activities - just as Luke would, if he was there.

Here he is tucking into a tasty meal. Credit: Hayley Robbins
Here he is at the heart of the family. Credit: Hayley Robbins
Always willing to take on the chores - here he is doing a spot of gardening. Credit: Hayley Robbins
Taking that all-important shower. Credit: Hayley Robbins
Relaxing with a glass of wine. Credit: Hayley Robbins