Coronavirus: West Country hospitals say they're doubling capacity to prepare for increase in patients

Hospitals across the West Country say they're doubling their capacity over the next few days to prepare for the predicted influx of coronavirus patients.

It comes as doctors are warning that as staff begin to go off sick it's going to be a very difficult few weeks.

Thousands of extra staff as well as more beds and more ventilators will be coming to West Country hospitals. Credit: ITV News West Country

Emma is a junior doctor from Bristol. She mostly works in Somerset but has recently worked in London.

She says having seen things there-even with these preparations- the NHS is going to struggle.

Across the South West hospitals will be doubling their critical care and intensive care capacity over the next few days.

  • That means:

  • More beds meaning patients can move on quicker

  • No admissions for non-urgent patients

  • Postpone surgery for non urgent and elective surgeries

NHS trusts across the region are calling on people to follow government advice to prevent the virus spreading and to help medical staff by staying at home.