Massive Attack criticise Bristol City Council pay rises

The iconic music group Massive Attack have hit out at their home city council in Bristol for taking a pay rise during the coronavirus outbreak.

The band's official Twitter account took aim at the local authority for voting through a pay rise, which comes into effect in May, saying: "A pay rise for politicians - agreed without debate & voted through unanimously by its beneficiaries - is a strange example to set... at the precise moment people begin to really suffer."

The pay rise in question amounts to an extra £180,000 a year of taxpayers money.

It includes an increase of £9,000 a year for the elected mayor Marvin Rees, £5,500 for deputy mayors Craig Cheney and Asher Craig, and £3,500 for the seven other cabinet members, along with a rise of about £1,000 in the basic allowance for all 70 members.

Marvin Rees was elected on 5 May 2016 Credit: ITV News

The Mayor of Bristol’s salary will rise by 12.6%, from £70,605

The wage hikes were supposed to be delayed until after the local elections in May but those have now been postponed by 12 months because of the pandemic.

But the pay increases will now come into force this May after it was confirmed at the last full council meeting on March 17.

The council has issued a short statement.

This was a cross party, Full Council decision on the recommendations of a report that came from an independent panel. The panel was appointed in April 2018 and recommended an increase for all councillors to take effect from May 2020.

Bristol City Council spokesperson