An NHS worker says her bike was stolen from outside Cheltenham General Hospital - while she was on shift.

Health care assistant Helena Tokoli discovered her bicycle was missing after finishing her shift on Sunday (March 22) afternoon.

The alleged theft comes at a time when the NHS and its staff are being pushed to the limit during the coronavirus pandemic.

While on shift, Ms Tokoli had been looking after patients, supplying medicines and helping nurses and doctors.

The 32-year-old had been using her bike every day to commute to work from Up Hatherley, which is around two and a half miles away.

Ms Tokoli claims her bike was stolen while she was at work. Credit: Gloucestershire Live

Her husband, Zain Mufti, has since posted an appeal for the bike on social media, describing the perpetrators as “stupid”.

[My wife] is a health care assistant and she is doing extra work to help people in hospital and this is the way some stupid people treat them just for some money.

Mr Mufti

Ms Tokoli was at work between 7.15am and 3.15pm, so the bike could have been taken at any time.

It is described as silver, and has the word Correro written on its frame.

The couple say they have not yet formally reported the bicycle as stolen due to working long hours.

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