Homeless Cornwall family-of-five 'at risk' from coronavirus are sleeping on garage floor near Redruth

A homeless family-of-five - two of whom are classed as vulnerable to coronavirus - are living in a garage in Cornwall.

Mark Thornton and Nikoletta Burbiczki, who have three children, were made homeless in Bristol earlier this month after failing to keep up with rent payments, when their benefit payments were halted.

Aaleya falls within the high risk category due to her condition, which her dad says has almost killed her three times. Credit: Cornwall Live

The family are now hoping to stay clear of the virus, although 33-year-old Nikoletta is vulnerable as she is in remission from cancer.

Their daughter Aaleya has severe asthma, also putting her in the high risk category.

Originally from Falmouth, 34-year-old Mark sought help from his sister who lives in Cornwall, who had an empty garage for them to temporarily stay in near Redruth.

All of their belongings are currently piled in stacks and contained in boxes in the garage whilst they desperately seek help to ensure the safety of their family.

Their children - who are one, two and eight years old - are currentlysleeping on the floor.

After being evicted, Nikoletta had to leave her job as a chef and Mark has been a stay-at-home-dad since leaving his position as a bricklayer last year due to an operation. Credit: Cornwall Live

Mark says their housing officer in Bristol supported a move toCornwall but the pressure on services amid the coronavirus pandemic iscurrently making it difficult to get any kind of support.

If you are homeless or feel that you may be homeless soon you can call0300 1234 161 or if you know or see someone sleeping rough contact Streetlink on 0300 500 0914 or visit www.streetlink.org.uk .”