Bristol taxi drivers and volunteers provide emergency food parcels to city’s most vulnerable

Emergency food parcels have been supplied to Bristol’s most vulnerable people by kind-hearted volunteers and taxi drivers.

Government supplies were dropped at City Hall on Saturday (March 28) morning before being taken to homes across the city.

They were delivered to more than 50 people who don’t have access to food or support as a result of the lockdown measures.

The food was donated by the Government to give to people who are 'shielding'. Credit: Bristol City Council

Bristol City Council identified those in need after speaking to more than 300 people on the phone to find out if they had enough supplies.

Nearly 3,000 people volunteered to deliver the food parcels following a call for help from the council.

Those who took part in the delivery adhered to social distancing restrictions, keeping two metres apart from one another, and wore gloves and masks when handling the supplies.

More than 3,000 people signed up to deliver the food parcels, of which 75 were chosen. Credit: Bristol City Council

The council is also working with local homeless charities, including St Mungo’s and Julian Trust, to house rough sleepers and other vulnerable people in accommodation that will allow them to self-isolate safely.

What is shielding?

Shielding is a measure being used during the pandemic to protect people who are clinically vulnerable of serious illness, so must restrict interaction with others.

These individuals have been advised to stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact for a period of at least 12 weeks.

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