A retired Gloucestershire pharmacy manager has died of coronavirus, four days before his 89th birthday.

Derek Denton, who has been described as ‘active and healthy’, had been self-isolating with a cough - but was admitted to hospital when he became seriously ill.

He passed away five days later in Torbay hospital, near his home in Torquay.

Mr Denton had run Badham Pharmacy in Bishop’s Cleeve for many years, and was also a Parish Councillor in the village.

His son, Simon, describes him as having had ‘a zest for life’.

He also added that one of the worst things about COVID-19 is how it makes people very ill, very quickly.

It can take people away at a moment’s notice.

Simon Denton, Derek's son

Simon Denton’s wife Zoe is self-isolating after also contracting the virus.

Our thoughts are with anybody else who is going through this. It’s an absolute credit to all those in the NHS that are trying to deliver a service in incredibly difficult circumstances.

Simon Denton, Derek's son

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