Dad with terminal cancer urges people to respect lockdown as he fears running out of time while isolating in caravan

A dad from Devon with terminal cancer has told ITV News he wants people to take the coronavirus lockdown seriously in the hope it will end in time for him to spend quality time with his wife and children.

Simon Cowls is classed as high risk and so is self isolating in his caravan.

He and his wife Ali originally bought the motorhome to create some final memories together.

The 52 year old says he's still shocked that a "hard core" are not following restrictions - risking extending the lockdown further.

On Sunday (29 March), Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries told the daily government briefing there would be a review of lockdown measures every three weeks and warned numbers were likely to get worse before they got better.

On the same day, cabinet minister Michael Gove said the length of lockdown restrictions "depends on all of our behaviour".

Simon Cowls is completely isolating himself in his caravan Credit: ITV West Country

Simon Cowls says he hopes people will listen and start taking the lockdown seriously, then he and his wife can finally go on their long planned road trip.