Couple recreate Cornish beach in their living room to remind them of holiday home

A couple have recreated their favourite Cornish beach - complete with windbreak and rocks - in their front room.

Keith and Liz Wheatley are unable to travel to their holiday home near Crooklets Beach in Bude because of the coronavirus lockdown.

But they lovingly reproduced the town's beach, with Liz even dressing for the part, in a hilarious home video.

Watch it here:

Keith, who is an artificial rock dealer, had the genius idea to create the beach in their front room.

He shared the epic video on Instagram, which shows Liz sitting on a RNLI beach towel in shorts and a T-shirt, wearing sunglasses and a hat.

The couple, who live in Hertfordshire, even erected a windbreak - to keep the breeze off - while crashing wave noises are played in the background.

Keith asks his wife: "I thought we weren't supposed to be going out at the moment?"