Husband of Keynsham woman fighting for her life with coronavirus criticises supermarket working conditions

A Keynsham man whose wife is fighting for her life after contracting COVID-19 has criticised her supermarket employer for not providing staff with sufficient protection.

Clare Hill works in a Co-operative Food shop and is in an induced coma in Bath's Royal United Hospital after falling critically ill with coronavirus.

Her husband, Steve, has spoken to ITV News West Country to warn people of the "stark reality" of the illness.

Steve has also accused Southern Co-operative, the company that owns The Co-operative Food, of not adequately protecting staff members.

WATCH: Steve Hill describes how quickly his wife became ill with coronavirus.

Steve is now in self-isolation and can't visit his wife in hospital, see his children or other family members.

He told ITV News: "I can't see her, or do anything. I can't see my three children, my mother, my sister, my close friends who I love. I'm in total isolation on my own.

"Our whole family, her mum and dad, are so grateful for all of your support and well wishes. It has been overwhelming. Thank you so much. It's truly unbelievable."

Steve shared this photo with his friends, to show them how quickly the virus can have an impact on someone. Credit: Steve Hill / Facebook

Steve is keeping friends and family regularly updated on Clare's condition with posts on social media.

WATCH: Steve claims Clare's supermarket employer did not have adequate safety measures in place to protect staff from coronavirus.

In a statement, The Southern Co-operative said: