A group of mums in Lawrence Weston have started their own emergency delivery service to help some of the most vulnerable in the community, who've been told by the government to stay home for the next 12 weeks.

Breeze, Lucy and Kelly use their front rooms to store crates of food and then trawl social media to find those most in need. The supplies come from donations, local cafes and supermarkets with surplus food.

Breeze Palmer has taken on the role of delivery driver. Armed with plastic gloves and a face mask she fills her car with dozens of boxes of supplies. Then she sets off.

First on the list is Alison. A nursing assistant who works at Bristol Royal Infirmary. Her husband has diabetes and asthma. But she insists she needs to keep working.

Alison tells Max Walsh she worries about her husband Credit: ITV News

I do worry. I am the only wage earner so I have to carry on. I worry about my husband all the time. He understands I'm taking all the precautions I can. But I do worry about it a lot.


Alison also revealed that when she finishes night shifts there have been occasions where she simply can't get what she needs. Luckily Breeze is there to help. And she promises to return later in the day with more supplies.

Our next stop is to Gary's house. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's when he was just 26 and has received a letter from the government telling him to stay home for the next three months because he is at 'high risk' if he catches coronavirus.

Looking after our mental health as Covid-19 lockdown continues.

Gary has Parkinson's and has been told to stay home by the Government Credit: ITV News

Gary says the supplies from Breeze are invaluable. He admits he is worried about getting all his medication on time but he remains upbeat.

It is what it is. If you get it all you can do is stay home and keep yourself well. It's the only outlook you can have.


Breeze insists many of the people she helps are those that are "slipping through the net". Although councils are now co-ordinating supplies to be delivered to those deemed most 'at risk', many are yet to receive anything.

Devon County Council sending emergency food parcels to those 'shielding' from coronavirus.

Myself, Lucy and Kelly are covering a job which many people in society should be doing. If the Government isn't working quickly enough then we'll be here as long as we possibly can.

Breeze Palmer

On our final stop of the day that is made painfully clear. A man with terminal lung cancer who fell on the way to the shops the day before. He doesn't want to speak to us. But without essential supplies from Breeze, it's not clear who else is there to support him.