Worker at Hinkley Point C near Bridgwater says EDF is putting construction project ahead of staff safety

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A worker at Hinkley Point C has told ITV News he fears his health, and that of his colleagues, is being put at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

The construction of the new nuclear power station in Somerset is considered a critical project by the Government, but there are growing concerns, both on site and in nearby Bridgwater, about the potential for the virus to spread.

The company behind the project, EDF Energy, today [April 1] announced it’s going further with measures to tackle the problem.

Pictures from last week showed the lack of social distancing on site and on staff transport.

EDF faced criticism last week after pictures were circulated showing staff buses and the site's cafeteria packed with employees, making it impossible for social-distancing regulations to be followed.

Since then measures have been taken by EDF, including only half-filling company buses, to keep staff safe.

However, workers believe not enough has been done and say the outcome of the project has been given priority over the health and safety of those delivering it.

EDF has said only staff living on campus or with other staff will be allowed on site.

As well as being a huge point of concern for employees - conditions are also worrying residents in the nearby town of Bridgwater.

One woman, who like many has taken in lodgers commuting from elsewhere in the country to work at Hinkley Point C, has said she fears workers are spreading the virus in the town.

People in nearby Bridgwater are concerned about workers commuting to the area in the current climate.

In response to these concerns, EDF has confirmed it is taking further steps to stop the spread of Covid-19.

It has said only workers living on company campuses, or who live with other staff, will be allowed on site.

Nigel Cann from EDF said that, like everyone else adapting to the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, the company is learning as they go along and the safety of staff and public is paramount.

Union leaders say it is also up to workers to be sensible around social distancing.

Unite, the union which represents a number of employees at Hinkley Point C, said the company has addressed safety issues and adequately responded to concerns raised.

Regional secretary for Unite, Heathcliffe Pettifer, added that employees have to take ownership of their ability to socially distance themselves at work, and report issues as they arise.