A 15-year-old boy from Torquay has, with the help of his mum, picked up the scissors and cut off all his hair to raise money for the NHS.

Tyler Urch, a pupil at Torquay Academy School, was inspired to help out after seeing news about healthcare workers struggling to get by during the coronavirus pandemic.

Videos of nurses unable to buy food after working long hours because of stockpiling, and hospital staff risking their lives for others without enough Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), propelled the teen to make a difference.

When I was watching the news the other day I felt really sad for all our NHS staff risking their lives for us.

Tyler Urch

Tyler and his mum, Joanne, both live with the heart condition Long QT syndrome, meaning the NHS is something incredibly important to their family.

The condition is an inherited heart rhythm problem which causes the heart muscle to take longer to 'recharge' between each beat.

Tyler rounded up his friends - adhering to social distancing by chatting online - and together they shaved their heads to raise money.

So far they've raised £600, and donations are still coming in.

Joanne says she is 'incredibly proud' of her son - especially since, like most teenage boys, his hairstyle is not something he takes lightly.

Ty's hair was definitely something that I am amazed he wanted to shave off. Like all teens, it used to take him an hour to gel it before school. [I have] no idea where the idea came from, he just walked in my room and said 'Mum, can you shave all my hair off for the NHS please!' I was shocked at first but once he explained his reasons, I was more than happy to shave it. And we had a real giggle doing it. >

Joanne Urch, Tyler's mum

Taking on challenges to raise money for others is not a new experience for the Urch family.

Joanne has trekked the Sahara Desert and walked the Great Wall of China to raise money for heart condition charity CRY.

The family plan to spend the money on a 'special treat' for frontline staff, and are hopeful that local businesses will get involved to show workers how grateful the community is for their efforts.