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Your stories - the good, the kind and the quirky from across the West Country during the coronavirus lockdown

We have been inundated with positive responses from ITV West Country viewers to the coronavirus outbreak. These are your uplifting stories.

Devon man mows a heartfelt tribute into cricket club field

Credit: RNAS Yeovilton

This gigantic NHS heart was shaved into Shaldon Optimists Cricket Club's field and filmed from a helicopter from RNAS Yeovilton.

It's okay - it's not vandalism and it wasn't the pitch, the groundsman was responsible!

Charlie Woolnough at Shaldon Optimists Cricket Club cut this into our field. Charlie’s daughter works at the NHS and he wanted to give something back.

– Craig Greenwood, Club captain

Streets across the West Country have once again come alive tonight, Thursday 9 April, with people clapping and generally making noise for our key workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The city of Bath honours the NHS with car horns, church bells - and, of course, clapping

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People have come up with all sorts of creative ways to pay tribute to the key workers that are seeing us through this crisis. These knitted bollards appeared in Oldland Common near Bristol the other day.

Don't you just want to give them a virtual hug?

These bollards have been knitted Daleks, Minions and even Yoda in the past - today they're paying tribute to NHS heroes. Credit: Oldland Knitted Bollards

One Somerset street was up early to pay their respects to key workers.

Janet Richards from Norton-sub-Hamdon regularly leads a series of social distancing workouts and Minchingtons Close joins in. This Thursday they exercised to old favourite YMCA - but with new words thanks to Tash, who also does the singing.

They've called the song "Covid-19". Some of the residents are key workers and this is their plea to everyone to stay safe during the pandemic.

Someone in Belluton Road in Bristol has made sure the local posties get some thanks. Credit: ITV West Country

Great grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary today, 9 April, in isolation at home in Taunton

Happy Diamond Wedding to Elsie and Dennis Mogg from Taunton - self isolating at home and still very much in love! Credit: Gill Mogg
Isla & Henry from Paignton want to thank the paramedic who helped their mum through coronvirus. Credit: Laura Dufty

Isla and Henry Will from Paignton helped make this sign out of a pallet. The family went down with Covid-19 and have come out the other side.

Now they want to say a 'massive thank you' to the NHS and South Western Ambulance Service.

We have recovered from the coronavirus and I (mum) did need NHS help. Massive thank you to the paramedic who came to my rescue.

– Laura Dufty, Isla and Henry's mum

Rainbows galore from Somerset schoolchildren

Many of us have put up rainbows in our windows to show our appreciation for all our key workers during the lockdown. Midsomer Norton Primary School produced so many rainbows they set them to music - a version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Rainbows are often thought of as symbols of hope and positivity. They remind us that no matter how dark the storm, there will always be a rainbow after the rain.

– Midsomer Norton Primary School
One family from Combe Down kept themselves busy by creating this colourful tribute to NHS staff. Credit: ITV West Country
Children from St Martin's Garden Primary School in Bath said a big thank you to the NHS. Credit: ITV West Country

Staff at Westbourne care home in Gloucester came up with their own rendition of "Sweet Caroline" to remind us to "Keep Sanitised".

While this clip from staff and residents at Cleeve Lodge care home in Bristol was great fun.

Lots of organisations have been unable to meet under the Covid-19 restrictions. That hasn't stopped them getting together thanks to modern technology.

This is the Porthleven Town Band performing "Stand By Me" - even if we can't be with people because of the lockdown, we can be with them in spirit.

Staff at a Forest of Dean superstore make customers smile

Supermarket workers are playing a key role in keeping the West Country fed and watered, often under intense pressure. Workers at the Tesco in Lydney found time to put on a routine that put a smile on customers' faces.

Lydney Tesco store in the Forest of Dean are keeping all their own spirits up and making all us customers laugh and smile.

I was so impressed this afternoon. Friendly and quick service at the tills, well stocked and staff directing everyone and keeping people at a good distance.

They are doing amazingly.

– Ann Marie Howell
Three-year-old Romeo from Truro shows his love for the NHS. Credit: Lisa Nicholls

Thousands of people across the West Country came out onto their doorsteps and leant out of windows on Thursday 2 April, to show their appreciation for carers, NHS staff and key workers.

They clapped with their hands, banged pots and pans and even set off the odd firework in a nationwide #clapforcarers.

Ten-year-old Casey from Burnham-on-Sea sings for key workers

While people across the West Country were clapping for NHS staff and other key workers, some went a little further. Ten-year-old Casey Slocombe entertained her street by singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" but she was doing it for all the people at the frontline during Covid-19.

Dhiru Pandit and his wife Anu from Brentry in Bristol are in isolation because of their age but that didn't stop them showing their support. Dhiru took out his tabla for the mass round of applause - we are told it comes out on New Year's Eve too.

Video courtesy Les Oram

Bristol graffiti artist Zed sprayed this work in the city - legally - to thank the NHS. Credit: Sarah Shaw-Maslin
Ruby and Jennifer Kingwell from Tavistock made the biggest rainbow in their street ready for last Thursday's 8pm clap for carers Credit: Kingwell family

One of the ways we can help the NHS is by keeping safe by social distancing and washing our hands.

Here are four-year-old Nora Allan and Aiden Finch, who's 8, from Puriton in Somerset performing a specially written song to remind us to do this. You may recognise the tune.

My children want the video to be shared as much as possible so that the important message is passed on and so that it hopefully puts a few smiles on peoples faces during this difficult time.

– Dave Allan, Nora and Aiden's Dad

Young artist from Exeter joins the fight against Covid-19

Seven-year-old Ella has used her drawing skills to spread an important message. Credit: Jessica Natalie

My daughter Ella, aged seven, has a passion for drawing pictures. Recently she has been feeling very sad that members of the public are not listening to the Government's advice. I feel a drawing as powerful as this from a seven-year-old child sends a strong message, to protect not only ourselves and the vulnerable, but to protect our NHS and the incredible staff.

– Jessica, Ella's mum
  • Devon farmer says a BIG thank you to the NHS for their work

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Wiltshire duo come up with 104 Days of Self Isolation song

Sisters Ella and Anna Roberts from Calne have created an apt song, based on the Disney theme song, 104 Days of Summer Vacation:

We wanted to try and find a positive way to communicate the message of staying at home during the current health crisis that would be especially relevant to our peer group.

Our parents are key workers (a Teacher and NHS Nurse). We recognise how difficult these current times are and how vital it is that we all follow the government advice!

– Ella and Anna Roberts

Stroud mum creates amazing flag to show support to NHS Heroes

Myra Stevens sewed this amazing flag to pay tribute to NHS staff. Credit: Victoria Harkins

62-year-old Myra Stevens came up with a unique way to show her support to everyone working so hard for the NHS during the pandemic. She spent a few hours making a special flag and it's now flying high over her Stroud garden.

Women's Institute members in Somerset sing Jerusalem while social distancing

Members of Rodney Stoke and Draycott Women's Institute weren't able to hold their usual meeting due to the coronavirus lockdown.

That didn't stop them taking to the street with an uplifting rendition of the WI's famous anthem, Jerusalem. Nataliya Wills said it was "Great to be together while being socially distant."

Minion delivers early Easter eggs to children in Keyham in Plymouth

We have heard about some extraordinary acts of kindness during the lockdown. In Keyham in Plymouth, the Parmenter family enlisted a Minion to deliver an egg to the doorstep of every child. Hand sanitiser and social distancing measures were all observed. Sherrie and Harley Parmenter say "It was nice to see a smile on so many people's faces."

We think this exchange is delightful:

Former coal mining town Midsomer Norton loves the NHS

An inspiring message has appeared on this slagheap in Somerset. Credit: Hannah Plumley

Lots of people have shown their appreciation for NHS and other key workers by putting signs up in their windows. In Midsomer Norton someone has taken it upon themselves to write their message on the side of the enormous slag heap that dominates the former coal mining town.

Meanwhile one Bideford resident has used her creative talents to display a message of thanks on her window.

Emma from Bideford made this sign in appreciation of the key workers doing their bit during the pandemic. Credit: Emma Thorne

Wiltshire couple celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in self isolation

Fay and Jack Dancey from Melksham are celebrating their Diamond Wedding today - in isolation. Credit: Family

Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary to Fay and Jack Dancey of Melksham in Wiltshire who are having to celebrate away from their extensive family.

Her son Wayne Dancey says the photo was taken a few years ago. He says, "Mum is the youngest of 13 brothers and sisters and is now unfortunately the only one left. But she does have over 130 nieces and nephews some of which are great, great, great!"

Fay and Jack Dancey got married 60 years ago, on 2 April, 1960. Credit: Family

Right now they are both self isolating. Enjoying the day and all the messages from their many nieces and nephews.

Mum was both a driving instructor and later ran a wedding dress business. Dad worked for Avon Rubber and as a postman.

– Warren Dancey

Birthday girl Lexi gets her own version of Clifton Suspension Bridge

The joys of home learning! Lexi from Knowle, who turns seven today, 2 April, was given the task of building Bristol's famous bridge out of boxes - but her family went one better. Happy Birthday Lexi!

My daughter had a project to make the suspension bridge from boxes but we made one she could actually walk across.

– Becky Lane, Lexi's Mum
Seven-year-old Lexi and five-year-old Lily on the bridge they made as part of home-learning. Credit: Becky Lane

And then there are the people who have to keep on working but turn it into a joy.

Matt Hulland, Resource Recovery Manager at Exeter City Council caught one of the workers at the waste depot on CCTV.

Local government essential worker Steve Annetts keeps us all going with some Monday morning moves.

It brings a smile to us all essential workers keeping Exeter's streets clear of waste and recycling!

– Matt Hulland, Exeter City Council
Children at Threeways Special School in Odd Down, Bath have coloured in rainbows to brighten up their gate. Credit: ITV West Country

Gymnasts from St Austell take on the loo roll challenge

Lots of groups have taken part in loo roll challenges, inspired by the stockpiling of toilet paper in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. Well, we think the girls from Aspire Gymnastics in St Austell have taken the game of Pass the Paper to new heights.

And here are the Yeovil Rugby Ladies team having a go at the #passthepaper challenge. As well as the players they involved coaches, water man and some of their smaller mascots.