Coronavirus advice: All the information you need - from social distancing, unemployment to stopping the virus spread

This can be a confusing and worrying time for many. We've brought together all the information you need to know about how coronavirus is affecting us in the West Country.

Below you will find infection rates, the number of deaths in the South West, as well as information on social distancing, whether we should be wearing masks, and what you're entitled to if you're self employed.

Here are the current West Country figures (correct as of 14 April ):

Find out how these break down by NHS Trust

Below are a series of graphic guides to explain the coronavirus pandemic and the impact on all aspects of our lives.


What should you be looking out for if you think you may have the coronavirus? Here are the key symptoms to look out for:


Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

But are we allowed to leave our home, and if we can - why?


Well hospitals in the region are continuing to see a rise in the number of patients being admitted with symptoms or coronavirus itself.

What are ICU units and ventilators, and why are they so vital in a patient's treatment and how exactly are they being used?


What about if you're self-employed? What are you allowed to claim and how does it work?


Many have been asking whether wearing masks and gloves will give them greater protection from the coronavirus.

Here's some guidance from the World Health Organisation.


Many of us have had plans disrupted due to the outbreak. Birthday parties cancelled, weddings on hold - and holiday hopes dashed.

But should those who've booked to jet off in the coming months continue to pay installments?


With the current lockdown measures meaning countless events, trips and holidays have been cancelled or postponed - what are your consumer rights and are you entitled to a refund?


We've taken a look to see if it's safe to handle goods delivered to your home - whether that's letters, parcels or food deliveries.

Here are the latest guidelines from Public Health England.

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