East Devon and Gloucester among 'the worst' areas in the South West for staying indoors during lockdown

Those people living in East Devon and Gloucestershire are the worst in the West Country for staying indoors during the covid-19 lockdown, it's been claimed.

Data from an app measuring people's behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic helped build the 'heat map' of how well different parts of the region are sticking to lockdown measures.

People in East Devon and Gloucester are most likely to leave their homes - with more than 13% going out and about.

More than 26,700 Evergreen Health users across the UK responded to a survey on their behaviour during the pandemic.

  • Those staying not staying at home:

Areas in darker pink were worst at following the lockdown measures. Credit: Evergreen Life

As of April 4, around 13.6% of survey respondents from East Devon said they are not staying indoors, followed by 13% in Gloucester and 10.5% of people in Teignbridge, the Evergreen Health app found.

The data excludes key workers.

In contrast the best at staying at home were the people of Cheltenham at 97%.

Across the West Country app users showed some of the best results in the country.

South Gloucestershire and Torridge both came out at 96%, while those in West Devon and Cornwall followed closely behind on 95%.

  • Those staying at home:

Darker blue areas are obeying stay-at-home measures most strictly. Credit: Evergreen Life

The respondents were also asked about symptoms of Covid-19, such as whether they have a dry cough or a temperature and if they are self-isolating, and also when they recover.

The anonymised data is being shared with the NHS and data scientists at the universities of Liverpool and Manchester to help them analyse the progress of the pandemic.

The app's developers said for an area of the country to appear on the map, it had to have enough people in the sample sizes for the percentages quoted to be statistically significant.

Credit: Evergreen Life
Credit: Evergreen Life