Family in Wellington turn their house into the colours of the rainbow during the coronavirus lockdown

A family from Somerset has transformed their house into the colours of a rainbow during the coronavirus lockdown.

Fern Taylor used jumbo chalk to decorate the front of her family home in Wellington with the help of partner Marco and their two children - Arabella who is four and two-year-old Matilda.

Fern, 26. who works from home making and selling children's hairaccessories, says she took inspiration from a Facebook post in which afamily had decorated half of their house in a similar way.

But she says her partner Marco, a 28-year-old Royal Marine, wasdetermined not to stop there.

Showing off their proud work - Fern, Arabella, Matilda and Marco Credit: Fern Taylor

Fern posted photos of the finished product on Facebook, where shereceived hundreds of likes, comments and shares for her family's handywork.

She wrote: "The amount of people that have stopped and smiled, andasked to take photos! We even had an ambulance stop and say they loved it!"

The mother-of-two said that it had been a good project to keep her little onesbusy during lockdown, as keeping up with home schooling hasn't beeneasy.

She went on to say: "We set up a schedule and did a ‘home school’ forthe first week, but we’ve kind of just let that slide a bit now.

"Routine is really good but sometimes it’s not possible. We’ve spent alot of time outdoors in the garden, lots of crafting, and lots ofbaking.

"I’ve actually really enjoyed family time. Arabella starts school inSeptember and I’m grateful we’ve got this time together before shedoes."

Credit: Fern Taylor