Exmoor village of Winsford send well wishes to neighbour Prime Minister Boris Johnson in intensive care with coronavirus

Residents of the village which neighbours Boris Johnson’s family farm on Exmoor have sent their good wishes to the Prime Minister as he remains in intensive care for coronavirus.

The Johnson’s own a 500 acre farm in Nethercote.

The nearby village of Winsford has a strong connection to the family and ITV News understands some of them, including the Prime Minister’s father Stanley, are staying there during the lockdown.

Colin Wilkins, chair of Winsford Parish Council, said: “On behalf of all the parishioners of Winsford we would like to wish the Prime Minister with all our good thoughts and our best wishes and thoughts through this very difficult time.

"Our thoughts are also with his family, who have lived in the village for many years. He is very fond of the village and they all really support it very much.

“Everybody knows them and they treat everybody the same. If at any time the village asks for anything they’ll always help us with fundraising. They’ve never ever refused. The family are looked upon with great respect.”

Winsford is a small village of about 300 people, many of them aged over 70.

The local community shop has been particularly popular over the last two weeks, as has the pub, the Royal Oak Inn, which has sold over 300 hot takeaway meals since the lockdown started.

Many people in the village know the Johnson family and they’ve been keen to pass on their best wishes.

It may be many miles from the London hospital the Prime Minister is being treated at, but he’s very much in the thoughts of people in this part of Exmoor.

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