Anna and Jamie's lockdown advice

Between them Jamie McDonald and Anna McNuff have done some amazing things - like running across America, Canada and New Zealand, cycling the Andes, cycling halfway around the world, running barefoot across the UK and breaking a world record on a treadmill - and these are just a few of the adventures the Gloucester couple have been on - so far.

Jamie raised a huge amount of money for children's hospitals during his exploits in Canada and America and his unbelievable achievement on a treadmill.

He spent a lot of his childhood in hospital and is forever grateful to the NHS.

Anna received worldwide media attention last year when she ran across Britain barefoot. And as an ambassador of girlguiding Anna wanted to show girls that they could do anything. She ran 2,352 miles in total - a distance of 90 marathons.

They are now hoping to inspire people to get through this prolonged period of lockdown, and told ITV West Country that exercise can be vital for mental health:

Anna and Jamie both believe now more than ever it is important to get out for a walk, run or bike ride - of course sticking to the Government rules and only going out once daily and alone or with someone from your household and observing all the social distancing guidelines.

So the message from Jamie and Anna during these unprecedented times - stay safe, stay positive and stay active.

Normal life will return and the two Gloucester adventurers will once again be tearing around the World...