Community running group in Bristol help pharmacies at 'breaking point' by delivering medicine

A group of mums in Bristol who are part of a running group are delivering medicine to elderly residents, by running their prescriptions to their doors.

The group called This Mum Runs first started in 2015 but when the social distancing guidelines came into force, they couldn't run anymore.

So they've decided to help pharmacies with delivering medicine to elderly residents who are self-isolating.

The group hope it helps pharmacies who are struggling to cope with a rise in demand for prescriptions to be delivered during the lockdown.

Lally Sell us a former palliative care nurse. She says 'it means a huge amount to me, from my job I know how important that human connection is to people in times that are difficult.'

Lally is one of thousands who are now volunteering to help the NHS through the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 750,000 people - three times the original target - signed up to join the "volunteer army", as the country answered the biggest call for volunteers in England since the Second World War.

Volunteers will come to the aid of 2.5 million at-risk people.

The scheme is being supported by the use of an app, which allows health professionals, pharmacists and local authorities to upload requests for help on the NHS Volunteer Responders referrer’s portal.

Ade says he's been relying on the running group volunteers to get medicine to patients. Credit: ITV West Country

Ade Williams has been a pharmacist in Bristol for 15 years and says coronavirus restrictions have made it harder than ever to deliver medicine.

Ade says 'they are recognisable...they're using the structure that they already have, their passion for exercising but also their passion for community.'