Former fighter pilot on his ‘traumatic’ hospital battle with coronavirus

A former RAF fighter pilot from Cheltenham says he has been left traumatised after recovering from coronavirus in hospital.

Dave Lewins was admitted to Cheltenham General Hospital in March after he contracted the virus.

Despite being physically fit, the 60-year-old’s health deteriorated rapidly and he was moved to the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) - where he was placed on a ventilator.

Dave was placed on a ventilator while in an intensive care unit. Credit: ITV News West Country
Dave was taken to Cheltenham General Hospital for treatment. Credit: ITV News West Country

This involved being placed into an induced coma, so a machine was able to manage his breathing.

He said when they removed the breathing tubes and he woke up, he burst into tears.

Watch our interview with former fighter pilot Dave below:

He was then moved to the hospital’s high dependency unit, which is where he said he saw and heard things which left him shocked to the core.

Dave’s tears are understandable - the things he saw and heard are not something anyone should be used to seeing or hearing.

Now back home, he extended his thanks to the medical teams who he credits with saving his life.

Dave served in the RAF as a fighter pilot. Credit: ITV News West Country

And determined to now make the most of life following his ordeal, Dave says he intends to marry his partner Zoe - who he describes as his “rock” - as soon as possible.

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